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While cool roofs are mostly associated with white roofs, they come in a variety of colors and materials and are available for both commercial and residential buildings. Therefore, it helps decreasing the need for air conditioning, fuel consumption, and emissions of greenhouse gases and urban air pollutants. Cool color parking lots are parking lots made with a reflective layer of paint. Cool roofs achieve cooling energy types of school climate pdf in hot summers but can increase heating energy load during cold winters.

Therefore, the net energy saving of cool roofs varies depending on climate. US border giving savings in both electricity and emissions. Research and practical experience with the degradation of roofing membranes over a number of years have shown that heat from the sun is one of the most potent factors that affects durability. High temperatures and large variations, seasonally or daily, at the roofing level are detrimental to the longevity of roof membranes. Reducing the extremes of temperature change will reduce the incidence of damage to membrane systems. White surfaces reflect more than half of the radiation that reaches them, while black surfaces absorb almost all.

White or white coated roofing membranes, or white gravel cover would appear to be the best approach to control these problems where membranes must be left exposed to solar radiation. 24 gigatonnes of greenhouse gas emissions, or equivalent to taking 300 million cars off the road for 20 years. 10 tons of carbon dioxide over its 20-year lifetime. Province of Almeria, Southern Spain, has cooled 1.