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Java was developed to achieve 5 main goals. It the java programming language pdf be simple, object-oriented, distributed and easy to learn. It should be robust and secure.

It should be independent of a given computer architecture or platform. It should be very performant. It should be possible to write an interpreter for the language. The language should also support parallelism and use dynamic typing. The platform is used to develop and run Java programs. Java programs to do the same thing on different computer systems. This is a simple program in Java.

Java and that is downloaded from a website and executed within a web browser on a client computer. If online, it has to be downloaded before being run. Java is commonly used to teach students how to program as a first language, yet is still also used by professionals. Java requires that each variable be initialized. Some older languages such as C, allow variables to go uninitialized, which can cause random failures with mysterious bugs.

Unlike C, Java primitive types, such as int, are always the same size in the number of bits which helps achieve cross-platform compatibility. Java used to be thought of as being slower than C, but that’s less important in recent years with computers being faster. Code compiled on one Java platform can be run on other platforms that support Java without modification of either the source-code nor the byte-code. For example, this means that a person can make a Java program for a Windows computer and have it run a Linux computer or a Mac computer. The programming language Java has also been criticized.

Java in such a way so that existing code would still keep running. This means that during compilation, the actual type of a generic argument is removed. This can lead to the Java interpreter to behave in unexpected ways at times. Java has no unsigned integer types, which languages like C heavily use. This also means that it is impossible to directly exchange numeric data between C and Java programs. Java only supports a part of the features of this standard.