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Teaching tips and ideas the grammaring guide to english grammar with exercises pdf Kerry Maxwell and Lindsay Clandfield on teaching subjects and objects in English. Is it ever OK to lie in a job interview?

Getting to know you: What’s your name? So you want to be a teacher? The following activities are suitable to focus on word order and choice of preposition. They are all intended for elementary to intermediate level students but could be adapted to higher levels for remedial work. Select three or four sentences which have a direct and an indirect object.

If possible, try to personalize them using the names and backgrounds of your students. Jose bought his wife some perfume last year. Mercedes sold her car to a friend. Oscar wrote his mother a long email yesterday. Divide the class into groups of three or four. Give each student one of the sentences, but tell them not to show it to anyone else. They must copy each word of the sentence onto separate little pieces of paper.

When they have finished, tell the students to lay out the pieces of paper on the desk in front of them. They must then change places with another student in the group and try to put the sentence back together. At the end of the activity, ask the students to come and write their sentences on the board. They should then work as a group to discuss which ones are true or not.

This activity is the same as the one above, except that in this case, ask the students to write an extra word on a piece of paper and mix it in with the others. The students must reassemble the sentences and find the extra word. Extra words that work well for this are small, grammatical words like articles or prepositions. This could be from a collection of your students’ homework. Select a mixture of correct and incorrect sentences. If all your samples are correct, rewrite some so that they are incorrect. Write these sentences on the board, or dictate them for the students to copy down in their notebooks.

Ask them to decide which ones are correct and which are wrong. For the incorrect sentences, tell them to correct them. Alison gave ten dollars her. Tell to us the truth. I made for Jack a cake. These activities are for more mechanical practise of the placement of objects in sentences. In TPR, the teacher gives a series of commands which the students act out.

Eventually, the students can give the orders to each other. The following commands would be good practice for this grammar point at an elementary level. Give your pen to Sofia. Hand your books to me.

Susan, lend your bag to Jason. Susan, lend Jason your bag. Throw the ball to Catriona. Get it for me please! Write the following sentence frames on the board. Can you ________ a ________ for me please? Could you ________ me a ________?

Tell students to work in groups. One person is nominated as the butler or maid. Everyone in the group asks the butler or maid to do something for them. They can choose how rude or polite they want to be. Set up the following situation. This means that the listener has to ask a question to get clarification. Write the following dialogues on the board.