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Artificial fibres are made by extruding a polymer through a spinneret into a medium where it hardens. All these fibres will be of great length, often kilometers long. With the exception spinning process in textile pdf silk, each of these fibres is short, being only centimetres in length, and each has a rough surface that enables it to bond with similar staples. Artificial fibres can be processed as long fibres or batched and cut so they can be processed like a natural fibre.

In long staple spinning, the process may start with stretch-break of tow, a continuous “rope” of synthetic fiber. In open-end and air-jet spinning, the roving operation is eliminated. The spinning frame winds yarn around a bobbin. Generally, after this step the yarn is wound to a cone for knitting or weaving. The yarn is twisted through the spinning of the bobbin as the carriage moves out, and is rolled onto a cop as the carriage returns. Mule spinning produces a finer thread than ring spinning. Spinning by the mule machine is an intermittent process as the frame advances and returns.

1769 and creates yarn in a continuous process. Ring spinning is slow due to the distance the thread must pass around the ring. Similar methods have improved on this including flyer and bobbin and cap spinning. This would occur in districts favourable to sheep husbandry. Many mill owners preferred to employ children due to their small size and agility.

Hermann Sondermann Familie mit Frau am Spinnrad detail. This page was last edited on 28 October 2017, at 23:17. Such machinery can be dated back centuries. The state of the art spinning wheel in England was known as the Jersey wheel however an alternative wheel, the Saxony wheel was a double band treadle spinning wheel where the spindle rotated faster than the traveller in a ratio of 8:6, drawing on both was done by the spinners fingers. A coat of wire slips were placed around a card, which was then wrapped around a cylinder. Bourn produced a similar patent in the same year. Without the tedious toil of needless hands.