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The film is a remake of three classic episodes of the original series sky zone waiver pdf includes one original story. Dante recalled that in the film’s original conception the four stories would be interwoven with characters from one segment appearing in another segment, but later problems with the film precluded this. Vic Morrow and two child actors, Myca Dinh Le and Renee Shin-Yi Chen, during the filming of the segment directed by Landis. The two child actors were hired illegally.

Their deaths led to a high-profile legal case, although at the end of the trial no one was found to be criminally culpable for the accident. Two men are driving very late at night. He turns into a monster and attacks the driver. You unlock this door with a key of imagination.

You are moving into a land of both shadow and substance, of things and ideas. You’re about to meet an angry man: Mr. William Connor, who carries on his shoulder a chip the size of the national debt. This is a sour man, a lonely man, who’s tired of waiting for the breaks that come to others, but never to him. A black man sitting nearby asks him to stop.

A chase ensues, and Bill ends up on the ledge of a building, where he is shot at by the officers. Bill vehemently tells them he is white, to no avail. American soldiers, one of whom throws a grenade. Instead of killing him, the grenade launches him into occupied France again.

Bill sees the bar with his friends standing outside looking for him. He screams for help, but they cannot see him or the train as it pulls away. Isaac, Bill Taylor, and William S. Originally, this segment was to end with Bill returning to his own time after redeeming himself by saving the lives of two Vietnamese children during a helicopter raid on their village.

It is sometimes said that where there is no hope, there is no life. Case in point: the residents of Sunnyvale Rest Home, where hope is just a memory. But hope just checked into Sunnyvale, disguised as an elderly optimist, who carries his magic in a shiny tin can. An old man named Mr.

Bloom has just moved into Sunnyvale Retirement Home. He listens to the other elders reminisce about the joys they experienced in their youth. Bloom says just because they are old does not mean they cannot enjoy life anymore. Leo Conroy objects, saying that now that they are all old they cannot engage in physical activity. Bloom gathers the rest of the residents outside and plays the game, during which they are transformed into childhood versions of themselves. They are ecstatic to be young again and engage in activities they enjoyed long ago, but their thoughts soon turn to practical matters such as where they will spend the night, since they will no longer be welcomed in the retirement home and their families won’t recognize them. They ask to be old again.

Leo Conroy wakes up and witnesses one resident, Mr. Agee, who still remains young, and asks for Agee to take him along. Agee tells Conroy that he cannot go with him. The segment ends with Conroy kicking a can around the yard, having changed his attitude on life, while Mr.

Bloom leaves Sunnyvale and moves into another retirement home, to spread his good-natured magical skills to other senior citizens. Portrait of a woman in transit: Helen Foley, age 27. Up until now, the pattern of her life has been one of unrelenting sameness, waiting for something different to happen. Helen Foley doesn’t know it yet, but her waiting has just ended. Helen Foley, traveling to a new job, visits a rural bar for directions.