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Get free help at www. Will requiring Medicaid recipients to work improve their health? Project on insurance pdf evidence doesn’t suggest so.

In 4 states, drug testing uncovered exactly zero positive tests for the WHOLE year. Health care just became the U. SHAPIRO: Most of the recipients of Medicaid are already working or doing child care or in school. Do you expect that this will dramatically change the rolls much? HERBERT: I think it will significantly because I think it’s an attitude change.

It’s a matter of saying, I’m going to come and ask for help, but I’m prepared to do my part to, in fact, get a job. And it’s not just a matter of sitting in a classroom, twiddling my thumbs and biding my time. It’s with, in fact, the goal in mind that I will get a job. That assumes that you’re able-bodied, that you’re capable physically and mentally to get a job.