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Download free easy cello sheet music for beginners. All music sheets are in printable high quality PDF format. Halloween Songs for Beginner Piano Students, with Lettered Notes! Kids LOVE piano sheets for beginners pdf Halloween music.

But the TRICK is finding Halloween theme music they can play quickly. NOW with EASY MUSIC NOTES – ALPHANOTES! You will be giving a big TREAT to your beginning piano students if you can find any for them. Here is a collection of songs for Halloween, now with ALPHANOTES as well as regular notation!

Music should be fun, and maybe a little bit spooky at Halloween time, and that’s why I wrote these songs! The first song, Monsters Everywhere, I am offering FOR FREE. Even beginners can play this free Halloween music by watching the intervals closely. Notes stay within one step of each other until the last phrase, when a repeated scale pattern makes the skips easy to figure out. Halloween music” because the simple stories pull them along toward the conclusions with many repeated step-wise patterns. The new versions with Alphanotes – music notes with letters – have been very encouraging to younger students, and those whose note-reading skills are shaky.

3 versions in the downloadable PDF file. One version of each song is standard notation, one version is written entirely with Alphanotes, and one version is written with SOME alphanotes. I call these “helper” versions. The noteheads are quite a bit larger with both kinds of ¬†Alphanote songs, to make the letters easy to read. There are some big steps in the music — from G to Middle C and D — but D is a note even your beginners likely recognize. But best of all, it has a great spooky melody! These songs just celebrate the fun of costumes and candy.