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Lcd principle of operation and construction are also explained. Looking for Latest Electronics Project Kits? CRT draws more power than LCD and are also bigger and heavier. All of us have seen an LCD, but no one knows the exact working of it. Let us take a look at the working of an LCD. They have both the properties of solids and liquids and maintain their respective states with respect to another. Solids usually maintain their state unlike liquids who change their orientation and move everywhere in the particular liquid.

Further studies have showed that liquid crystal materials show more of a liquid state than that of a solid. It must also be noted that liquid crystals are more heat sensitive than usual liquids. A little amount of heat can easily turn the liquid crystal into a liquid. This is the reason why they are also used to make thermometers. The liquid-crystal display has the distinct advantage of having a low power consumption than the LED. It is typically of the order of microwatts for the display in comparison to the some order of milliwatts for LEDs.