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It historically served this purpose in the U. Eligibility of foreign graduates in the U. 11th century, which were also schools of law. It is sometimes erroneously called “Bachelor of Legal Letters” to account for the double “L”. The bachelor’s degree originated at the University of Paris, whose system was implemented at Oxford and Cambridge.

The “arts” designation of the degree traditionally signifies that the student has undertaken a certain amount of study of the classics. In continental Europe the bachelor’s degree was phased out in the 18th or early 19th century but it continued at Oxford and Cambridge. The teaching of law at Oxford University was for philosophical or scholarly purposes and not meant to prepare one to practise law. Inns lessened considerably and apprenticeships with individual practitioners arose as the prominent medium of preparation. However, because of the lack of standardization of study and of objective standards for appraisal of these apprenticeships, the role of universities became subsequently of importance for the education of lawyers in the English speaking world.

Traditionally Oxford and Cambridge did not see common law as worthy of study, and included coursework in law only in the context of canon and civil law and for the purpose of the study of philosophy or history only. The apprenticeship programme for solicitors thus emerged, structured and governed by the same rules as the apprenticeship programmes for the trades. The training of solicitors by apprenticeship was formally established by an act of parliament in 1729. 1753, but the university did not establish the programme for the purpose of professional study, and the lectures were very philosophical and theoretical in nature. Blackstone insisted that the study of law should be university based, where concentration on foundational principles can be had, instead of concentration on detail and procedure had through apprenticeship and the Inns of Court. Therefore, formal schools of law were called for, but not finally established until later in the century, and even then the bar did not consider a university degree in admission decisions.

When law degrees were required by the English bar and bar associations in other common law countries, the LL. Today, this is much less common. Bachelor of Laws programme is generally entered directly after completion of secondary school. Bangladesh is a common law country. Advocate in the Courts of Law of Bangladesh. Only seven Public Universities offer LL. These Universities also offer one-year LL.

Along this, some private Universities also offer LL. Law through some Law Colleges. Canada has a dual system of laws. In the province of Quebec, a system of civil law is used.

At the federal level, as well as in every province or territory except Quebec, a system of common law is used. Because of this, there are two Canadian law degrees generally in use. The programme of study for the common law LL. It is now replaced by the J. While the degree awarded is at the first-degree level and admission may be granted to applicants with two or three years of undergraduate studies towards a degree, in practice, entrants to the programme generally hold an undergraduate degree before registration in the law programme. A significant number hold a graduate level degree as well.