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This instructable is on how to use the most basic functions in Inventor 2014 tutorial pdf Inventor. Why Not Finnish the Screw?

Project Geometrey and More Lofts! In this tutorial I will go through sketching, modification and how to export your design. I will be entering the Teach IT! As a background Autodesk Inventor is a 3d cad software that you can use for design, Instructables is sponsored by Autodesk.

This is really just asking what you want to do, to open a new project click OPEN. After you click OPEN you will see what is on the second picture. On the top you will see a selection that has a list of all previously created projects, if you haven’t created one yet click NEW at the bottom. NEW SINGLE USER PROJECT than NEXT. On the next screen you can put in your project name and which folder it will be in. After you have done that click FINNISH.

Now that you have selected a project you want to open a part file so select standard millimeters or inches and than hit CREATE. When you are designing you will usually always start off with a 2d sketch. So to start off with a sketch click CREATE 2D SKETCH. I use the y, x plane, so click on the top-left corner.

Now we are in the Sketch view. You don’t always have to start sketching this way though, if you have a 3d object already you can start a 2d sketch on the side of it! We will start on the left side of the tool bar and work our way right. So now to start off with a line. Its really easy, you select LINE and you can click on any part of the screen. When you click you have the option of choosing the distance and angle. To switch between the line distance and angle box press tab.

When you have made one line you can continue on to make a square, You don’t have to select The LINE option every time you want to make a line. In the picture above I’ve made a box. There is a Circle selection box right next to the LINE selection. You can make two types of circles, from center or tangent, for tangent you select lines that you want the circle to be tangent to. I used the tangent circle and selected the top, bottom and right sides of our box. Arcs are as you might expect just curves.

There are a few ways to make arcs. The TANGENT is just like the circle you select lines that you want the arc to be tangent to. And finally CENTER PIONT, this is where you select a point in which you want to center of the arc, you than put the radius, or diameter of the arc down. After that you put down the degrease of angle you want the arc to be. Rectangles are pretty easy so I’ll just give you guys a quick touch-up on this.