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Pure Iec 61936 1 pdf is physiologically completely harmless for humans and animals. It’s even used in medical diagnostic. Share with your Facebook friends! Most of them are based on facts and researches, but some are not.

Your comment is highly appreciated! The following applications are known. For some of these most probably you haven’t heard of. In military aircraft radar systems and other military applications.

Is SF6 a health hazard? Due to its weight it might displace the oxygen in the air, if large quantities are concentrating in deeper and non ventilated places. Is SF6 harmful for the environment? It has no ecotoxic potential, it does not deplete ozone.

This make the real impact on greenhouse effect negligible. According to the 3rd Assessment Report of UNFCCC. Previous accepted value was 23. What is the overall contribution of SF6 used in the electrical equipment to the greenhouse effect? How wide is the use of SF6 in transmission and distribution switchgear applications ? SF6 insulated switchgear is currently used world-wide.

Why is SF6 used in electric power equipment? What are the benefits of high and medium voltage SF6-switchgear? SF6-insulated switchgear makes a substantial contribution to reduce the accident risk. The high-grade switchgear remains hermetically sealed for its whole service life.

It offers a great operational reliability because inside the enclosed gas compartments the primary conductors have complete protection against all external effects. The minimal use of synthetics reduces the fire load. The SF6 insulation ensures complete freedom from oxidation for the contacts and screwed joints, which means that there is no gradual reduction in the current carrying capacity of the equipment as it ages. There is no reduction in insulation capacity due to external factors. In humid areas with frequent condensations from temperature changes, and even in places with flooding potential. Where the reliability of the insulation might otherwise suffer from contamination, e.

In contrast to air insulation, whose insulating capacity reduces with increasing altitude, SF6-insulated switchgear retains its full insulating capacity regardless of height above sea level. Due to the high dielectric strength of the gas, the switchgear is compact with space requirements minimised. The excellent safety and low space requirement of SF6 switchgear allows it to be sited directly in conurbations and close to load centres, such as city centres, industrial manufacturing plants and commercial areas. Therefore, this fulfils one of the basic essentials of power distribution, namely that substations should be placed as close as possible to load centres in order to keep transmission losses to a minimum, to conserve resources and to minimise costs. Major savings in building, land and transport costs can be achieved throughout the whole process chain. This often allows existing buildings use to be extended where switchgear replacement or extension to meet load growth is needed. Minimum transmission losses as a result of placing equipment close to load centres.