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Physics, Cosmology, Grand Unified Theories. Electroweak physics and Big Bang Cosmology. Superstring Particle States and Universal Formation Probability. This article is about a class of mechanics theories.

I am convinced God does not play dice”. The question arises whether there might be some deeper reality hidden beneath quantum mechanics, to be described by a more fundamental theory that can always predict the outcome of each measurement with certainty: if the exact properties of every subatomic particle were known the entire system could be modeled exactly using deterministic physics similar to classical physics. In other words, it is conceivable that the standard interpretation of quantum mechanics is an incomplete description of nature. Others, however, believe that there is no deeper deterministic reality in quantum mechanics. Here the whole problem of determinism comes up.

Or ought we to believe that the agreement of theory and experiment—as to the impossibility of prescribing conditions for a causal evolution—is a pre-established harmony founded on the nonexistence of such conditions? I myself am inclined to give up determinism in the world of atoms. But that is a philosophical question for which physical arguments alone are not decisive. Quantum mechanics is very worthy of regard.

But an inner voice tells me that this is not yet the right track. The theory yields much, but it hardly brings us closer to the Old One’s secrets. Einstein’s later expression of this sentiment by advising him to “stop telling God what to do. Berlin, on 5 May 1927, titled “Bestimmt Schrödinger’s Wellenmechanik die Bewegung eines Systems vollständig oder nur im Sinne der Statistik? Does Schrödinger’s wave mechanics determine the motion of a system completely or only in the statistical sense? Einstein’s aborted attempt earlier in the year.