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It has commanding views down two valleys and a nearly impassable mountain at its back. There is an ample supply of spring water and enough land for a plentiful food supply. In contrast to other historical disciplines, it emphasizes environmental economics in theory and practice pdf active role nature plays in influencing human affairs. Environmental historians study how humans both shape their environment and are shaped by it.

1960s and 1970s, and much of its impetus still stems from present-day global environmental concerns. As all history occurs in the natural world, environmental history tends to focus on particular time-scales, geographic regions, or key themes. It is also a strongly multidisciplinary subject that draws widely on both the humanities and natural science. The subject matter of environmental history can be divided into three main components. 1972 is generally taken as the date when the term was first coined. American political history, is now also regarded as a founding document in the field of environmental history. The Oxford Handbook of Environmental History.

This collection was edited by Andrew C. There is no universally accepted definition of environmental history. In general terms it is a history that tries to explain why our environment is like it is and how humanity has influenced its current condition, as well as commenting on the problems and opportunities of tomorrow. Environmental history further broadens the subject matter of conventional history. Environmental history is generally treated as a subfield of history, an established discipline. Several themes are used to express these historical dimensions.