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It is the largest corpus of its kind, containing nearly 2. It includes language from the UK, the United States, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, the Caribbean, Canada, India, Singapore and South Africa. This may be contrasted with similar english for emails oxford pdf that sample only a specific kind of writing. The corpus is generally available only to researchers at Oxford University Press, but other researchers who can demonstrate a strong need may apply for access.

This page was last edited on 26 October 2016, at 23:03. 25 words make up about one-third of all printed material in English, and that the first 100 make up about one-half of all written material. For instance the entry “be” contains within it the occurrences of “are”, “is”, “were” and “was”. In parentheses are their position in the overall list. Some words are not listed here because they can be used as more than one part of speech.

Verbs like “to be” have both content and linguistic functions. The list of new changes in the wiki. This page was last changed on 22 November 2017, at 21:24. This article is about the communications medium.