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Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Asterisk supports most SIP telephones, acting both as registrar and back-to-back elastix pbx configuration pdf agent. T- or E-carrier interfaces or analog FXO cards. Asterisk PBX systems, in addition to distributing some configuration logic.

Many VoIP service providers support it for call completion into the PSTN, often because they themselves have deployed Asterisk or offer it as a hosted application. Some telephones also support the IAX protocol. By supporting a variety of traditional and VoIP telephony services, Asterisk allows deployers to build telephone systems, or migrate existing systems to new technologies. In addition to VoIP protocols, Asterisk supports traditional circuit-switching protocols such as ISDN and SS7. This requires appropriate hardware interface cards, marketed by third-party vendors.

Each protocol requires the installation of software modules. PBX worldwide because it is freely available under open-source licensing, and has a modular, extensible design. Asterisk: American British and Australian English, Canadian French, Japanese, Russian, Mexican Spanish and Swedish. Additionally, voice sets are offered for commercial sale in various languages, dialects, and genders. The default set of English-language Asterisk prompts are recorded by professional telephone voice Allison Smith. Asterisk is a core component in many commercial products and open-source projects.

Some of the commercial products are hardware and software bundles, for which the manufacturer supports and releases the software with an open-source distribution model. Asterisk PBX software to realize all telephony functions. PBX, fax, instant messaging and email functions, respectively. Various add-on products, often commercial, are available that extend Asterisk features and capabilities. The standard voice prompts included with the system are free. The README for version 0.

0 states: “Currently, the Asterisk Open Source PBX is only known to run on the Linux OS, although it may be portable to other UNIX-like operating systems as well. 11:30pm from the cleaning lady after other workers had left for the day. FreePBX, the juggernaut of the Asterisk community. Asterisk has been as successful as it has. With the FreePBX interface, you can configure and manage many aspects of an Asterisk system without touching a single configuration file. While we purists may like everyone to work only with the config files, we recognize that for many, learning Linux and editing these files by hand is simply not going to happen.