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Eben alexander book pdf article is about the neurosurgeon and author. This article has multiple issues.

2008, proved that consciousness is independent of the brain and that death is a transition phase into another realm of perfect splendor. What happened to me destroyed it, and I intend to spend the rest of my life investigating the true nature of consciousness and making the fact that we are more, much more, than our physical brains as clear as I can, both to my fellow scientists and to people at large. He settled five malpractice suits in Virginia within a period of ten years. The magazine also found what it claimed were discrepancies with regard to Alexander’s version of events in the book. Alexander writes that he slipped into the coma as a result of severe bacterial meningitis and had no higher brain activity, while a doctor who cared for him says the coma was medically induced and the patient was conscious, though hallucinating”.

I stand by every word in this book and have made its message the purpose of my life. 25-year career as a neurosurgeon and is a textbook example of how unsupported assertions and cherry-picked information can be assembled at the expense of the truth. Journal of the Missouri State Medical Association. Harris, saying that “to deny the possibility of any natural explanation for an NDE, as Dr. The one most plausible hypothesis in Dr.

Alexander’s caseis that his NDE occurred not during his coma, but as he was surfacing from the coma and his cortex was returning to full function. It is curious that he does not allow this obvious and natural explanation, but instead insists on a supernatural one. He said, believers in heaven were not happy with the title because, “This is not scientific proof. New York City: Hearst Communications, Inc. 3 million lawsuit against Alexander, accusing him of negligence, battery, spoliation, and fraud.

The purported cover-up, the changes Alexander had made to the surgical report, was a major aspect of the suit. Once again, a lawyer was accusing Alexander of altering the historical record when the historical record didn’t fit the story he wanted to tell. This page was last edited on 6 November 2017, at 19:47. 1940s, he travelled in sandals and wore shoulder-length hair and beard, and white robes. He slept outdoors with his family and ate vegetables, fruits, and nuts. He claimed to live on three dollars per week.

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