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Are Your Composite Wood Products Compliant with Formaldehyde Emission Standards? With new formaldehyde emissions standards coming into force in the US and Europe, manufacturers need to ensure compliance. The issue of formaldehyde emissions from composite wood products has been a concern since the gas was deemed carcinogenic in 2004. Now, with new standards coming into force in the US and Europe, manufacturers need to ensure compliance. What are composite wood products?

Composite wood products are wood-based panels manufactured from wood pieces, particles or fibers that are bonded together with adhesives such as glues and resins. Formaldehyde is a colorless, flammable gas at room temperature with a strong irritating odor. Urea-formaldehyde resins are used in the manufacture of composite or pressed wood products. High levels of exposure may cause some types of cancer.

Which products are affected by formaldehyde emissions? What are the formaldehyde emission standards for composite wood products? What are the impacts of the Act on companies? Composite wood panels and finished products containing composite wood are required to comply with the Act.