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It was first cleopatra pdf free download in 1623. She was queen and her brother was king.

Her brother was only 10 years old, so she was the real leader. Cleopatra made some enemies amongst the courtiers. They removed Cleopatra from power, and made Ptolemy sole ruler, in about 51 to 48 BC. She had to leave the country.

Ptolemy was king, but because he was still a boy, Pothinus and his friends were the real leaders of Egypt. Pompey fled to Egypt from Pharsalus, and was murdered by the orders of Ptolemy. Ptolemy and his supporters thought Caesar would be pleased, but that was a big mistake. Caesar had pardoned many of the senators who fought against him. His reason was to lay the ground for peace in Rome.

The murder of Pompey cut right across Caesar’s plans. Worse still, Pompey was beheaded in front of his fifth wife and children, who were on the ship from which he had just disembarked. This made sure that Pompey’s powerful family and supporters would never forget, and would always be enemies of Caesar. Cleopatra received Caesar in her own unique way. She lay down on a carpet. Then her servants rolled up the carpet with Cleopatra inside.