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Schellenberg also claimed to have written. On 17 September 1940, SS-Brigadeführer Dr. London where he would implement claud anderson books pdf post-invasion arrests and actions against institutions, but on the same day, Hitler postponed the invasion indefinitely.

In September 1945, at the end of the war, the list was discovered in Berlin. Reporting included the reactions of some of the people listed. Poland between 1939 and 1941. Nazi spearhead reaching the coast on 21 May 1940. Eventually, on 16 July, Hitler issued his Directive no.

German intelligence set out to provide their invading forces with encyclopaedic handbooks giving useful information. June 1940 I was ordered to prepare a small handbook for the invading troops and the political and administrative units that would accompany them, describing briefly the most important political, administrative and economic institutions of Great Britain and the leading public figures. A general survey of British museums and art galleries suggested opportunities for looting. Following this, four pages had around 30 passport-sized photographs of individuals who also appeared in the appendix. 2820 names, some of which were duplicated.

The instructions “Sämtliche in der Sonderfahndungsliste G. The facsimile version shows the printing in red, on a pale grey-green cover, and has 376 pages. The German black-list might indicate to some of those who now find themselves on it that their views, divergent from mine, were somewhat misplaced. I had them on my list too. Being included on the list was considered a mark of honour. My dear—the people we should have been seen dead with. British poet, literary critic and English language professor.

Erroneous listing as Professor Abercrombie had died in 1938. British medical doctor and politician. Austrian socialist politician and revolutionary. British Conservative Politician and journalist. Grand Prix motorcycle road racing World Champion. Frigyes Antal, later known as Friedrich Antal, was a Jewish Hungarian art historian.

American-born English newspaper proprietor, politician, sportsman, military officer, and a member of the Astor family. British noblewoman and Scottish Unionist Party politician. Supporter of Republican Spain and outspoken opponent of fascism. Attlee, Clement Richard, major,” and as “Attlee, Clemens, leader Labour party. Nazis regarded as a spy organisation. Free French leader and general, was listed as “former French General”.

Gestapo arrest list for England’ in ms. Facsimile reprint of the original produced by the Reichssicher-heitshauptamt in May 1940. It features an introduction explaining the origins of the ‘Special Search List GB’. If the invasion succeeded”, discusses the black book and its contents.

If Britain had been conquered. The site requires a paid subscription to access this page. Mitchell, The fighting Pankhursts, Jonathan Cape Ltd, London 1967, p. Secret Intelligence and Anti-Nazi Resistance. This page was last edited on 11 January 2018, at 00:20.

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