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HC-MAPSingle axis joystick with PWM catalogue of hydraulic devices pdf. HC-TR55HCTR55-04INTRODUCTIONUniversal products and solutions-INTRODUZIONEProdotti e soluzioni universaliHC-TR55 belongs to the wide range of Hydrocontrol S.

HC-D10HCD10-03INTRODUCTIONUniversal products and solutionsfor agricultural applications-INTRODUZIONEProdotti e soluzioni universaliper Macchine agricoleHC-D10 belongs to the wide range of Hydrocontrol S. HC-M45HCM45-00INTRODUCTIONUniversal products and solutions-INTRODUZIONEProdotti e soluzioni universaliHC-M45 belongs to the wide range of Hydrocontrol S. Directional control valveswith flow rates from 35 to 1. Especially suitable for miniexcavators andsmall machines, even with two and three pump circuits. Nowadays the constant evolution of mobile hydraulics towards energy saving solutions finds the right answer in load-sensing technology. CMYCMMYEX PRECOMPENSATED VALVESA special precompensated version has been developed, by applying the technology used for postcompensated EX versions.

Fluid Power Solutions Hydrocontrol S. Recht vor, nderungen jederzeit und ohne die Verpflichtung einer Vorank䄼ndigung vorzunehmen. X ist ein Lasthalte- bzw. Senkbremsventile ermglichenein sicheres Bewegen und Halten von Lasten. HC-LHD03X – HC-LHD05X – HC-LHD10X – HC-LHD15X HC-LHD. Raddoppio di portatainterno su sollevamento,scavo e ausiliario. Grooved Splines Dimensions Legenda – Legend Giri in entrata Input r.

APPLICAZIONI VARIE – MISCELLANEOUS APPLICATIONS Applicazioni varie Miscellaneous applications 0. 00 MACCHINE PER LA PREPARAZIONE DEL TERRENO – MACHINERY FOR LAND PREPARATION Falciadistruggierba Rotary mowers Trinciastocchi Flail mowers 1. 02 Decespugliatrici Rotary cutters 1. 03 Spandiletame Manure spreaders 1. 04 Decespugliatori idraulici Hydraulic cutters 1. 05 MACCHINE PER LA LAVORAZIONE DEL TERRENO – MACHINERY FOR SOIL TILLAGE Zappatrici – Fresatrici Rotary tillers 2.