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Nodes are devices or data points on a larger network. Devices such as barron computer science ap pdf personal computer, cell phone, or printer are nodes. 9 and height 3, with a root node whose value is 2.

The above tree is unbalanced and not sorted. Nodes are often arranged into tree structures. A node represents the information contained in a single structure. These nodes may contain a value or condition, or possibly serve as another independent data structure. Nodes are represented by a single parent node.

The highest point on a tree structure is called a root node, which does not have a parent node, but serves as the parent or ‘grandparent’ of all of the nodes below it in the tree. The height of a node is determined by the total number of edges on the path from that node to the furthest leaf node, and the height of the tree is equal to the height of the root node. Node depth is determined by the distance between that particular node and the root node. The root node is said to have a depth of zero. Data can be discovered along these network paths.

An IP address uses this kind of system of nodes to define its location in a network. A child node is a node extending from another node. For example, a computer with internet access could be considered a child node of a node representing the internet. The root node is said to have depth 0. Usually, it is depicted as the highest node of the tree. Different types of nodes in a tree are represented by specific interfaces.

In other words, the node type is defined by how it communicates with other nodes. Each node has a node type property, which specifies the type of node, such as sibling or leaf. For example, if the node type property is the constant properties for a node, this property specifies the type of the node. So if a node type property is the constant node ELEMENT_NODE, one can know that this node object is an object Element. This object uses the Element interface to define all the methods and properties of that particular node.