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As of October 30, 2013 the prison had a design capacity of 3,082 but a total institution population of 4,223, for an occupancy rate of 137 percent. It is one of the largest prisons in the United States with animal training ken ramirez pdf population of 4,223 inmates as of October 30, 2013. By December 2016, the population had declined to 3,774 inmates. As of December 2015, San Quentin held almost 700 male inmates in its Condemned Unit, or “death row.

2005, it was called “the most populous execution antechamber in the United States. Adjustment Center” for the “worst of the worst. Most of the prison’s death row inmates reside in the East Block. The fourth floor of the North Block was the prison’s first death row facility, but additional death row space opened after executions resumed in the U.