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Largest does not always equate to being the best telescopes, and overall light gathering power of the optical system can be a poor measure of a telescope’s performance. Location advanced telescope making techniques pdf the northern or southern hemisphere of the Earth can also limit what part of the sky can be observed. This list is ordered by optical aperture, which has historically been a useful gauge of limiting resolution, optical area, physical size, and cost. Multiple mirror telescopes that are on the same mount, may have a working beam combiner, and can form an image may be ranked by an equivalent aperture to this reported by sources.

HET-style or fixed telescopes are ranked by an equivalent aperture also. Roque de los Muchachos Obs. Southern African Large Telescope 720x576px. The Dome of Discovery Channel Telecope. 6-m Telescope at La Silla. WIYN OBSERVATORY ON KITT PEAK.

Afshin Darian – NASA Infrared Telescope Facility. There are only a few sites capable of polishing the mirrors for these telescopes. SAGEM in France polished the four VLT mirrors, the two Gemini mirrors, and the 36 segments for GTC. Mirror Lab cast and polished the two LBT mirrors, the two Magellan mirrors and the MMT replacement mirror. It is currently making the LSST primary mirror and the mirrors for the Giant Magellan Telescope. The Keck segments were made by Schott AG.

The SALT and LAMOST segments were cast and polished by LZOS. The mirror for Subaru was cast by Corning and polished at Contraves Brashear Systems in Pennsylvania. This table does not include all the largest mirrors manufactured. The Steward Observatory Mirror Lab produced the 6. Single mirrors are also referred to monolithic mirrors, and can be sub-categorized in types, such as solid or honeycomb. For the largest reflecting telescopes on the planet, the horizontal indicates the year built and the vertical direction indicates the size of the mirror measured in meters.

Countries which contain several of these telescopes are color-coded for identification. The largest telescopes are multi-telescope interferometers, and may have longer baselines. 2 m telescopes and four 1. Largest telescopes with interferometer mode, and two image-forming interferometer arrays.

4 m mirrors giving a 24. 5 m aperture with 21. The Large Binocular Telescope”, John M. New optical telescope projects at Devasthal Observatory”. Giant Telescopes of the World”, Sky and Telescope, August 2000. The History of the Telescope”, Henry C. This page was last edited on 8 January 2018, at 22:24.

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