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This is a good a wife after god’s own heart pdf free download. Follow the link for more information. This article is about the Doctor Who episode. Susannah Leah, a 12-year-old viewer.

14 May 2011 in the United Kingdom, and later the same day in the United States. Gaiman revised the script many times, having to add and remove characters and events as production saw fit. The episode was seen by 7. 97 million viewers in the UK and was met with positive reviews from critics. After landing in a junkyard on a solitary asteroid, the TARDIS shuts down and its matrix disappears.

Nephew, and an excited young woman named Idris. Idris fawns all over the Doctor, whom she calls “my thief” and then bites him. While Nephew locks up Idris, Amy and Rory return to the TARDIS. The Doctor follows the distress signal and finds a cabinet containing a large number of message cubes. Upon further investigation of Uncle and Auntie, the Doctor finds they are constructed of body parts from other beings, including Time Lords.

They are controlled by the asteroid, called House, which is sentient and able to possess other technology around it. House led the Doctor there and removed the TARDIS’s matrix, initially intending to consume its Artron energy. Upon learning that the Doctor is the last Time Lord and that no more will ever arrive, House transfers itself into the TARDIS to escape from the rift. Amy and Rory are trapped inside as the House-controlled TARDIS dematerialises. The Doctor learns that Idris contains the personality of the TARDIS’ matrix and that they can talk to each other for the first time. Without House’s support meanwhile, Uncle and Auntie die, and Idris’s body only has a short time before it too will fail.

Idris reveals that House had stranded many TARDISes before, and that its universe is hours away from collapsing. The Doctor and Idris work together to construct a makeshift TARDIS from scraps, and then pursue House. Aboard the Doctor’s TARDIS, House threatens to kill Amy and Rory. He plays with their senses as they try to flee through the corridors, and then sends Nephew after them.